The Zambezi

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Sioma Falls


River of a Nation

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Kariba Dam

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The dam was opened in 1960 and holds back what was then the largest man-made lake in the world.

The wall had a height of 420 feet and a length of 2025 feet.

Lake Kariba is up to 20 miles wide and is 175 miles long giving an area of some 2000 square miles.

Johnny Green took this photo when Kariba was at its fullest and they had to open all the flood gates in a hurry The result was that the deluge gouged out the river bed at the foot of the wall to a depth of 90ft and created a few problems for them.

This was taken shortly after the opening of the dam from a works access road. A certain amount of work was still in progress.

The Roman Catholic Chapel.

I understand that an Italian firm was the lead contractor and built this for their employees.


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