Northern   Rhodesia

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Government House, Lusaka

Northern Rhodesia Government Offices

Victoria Falls Bridge from the Air

Devil's Cataract, Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls - Boiling Pot

Eastern Cataract, Victoria Falls

Kalambo Falls - Africa's highest waterfall

Where three territories meet - confluence of the Zambesi and Luangwa Rivers at Feira. To the left Portuguese East Africa, to the right, Southern Rhodesia, in the foreground, Northern Rhodesia.

Barge on the Zambesi

Egrets and Waterlilies

Barge of the Paramount Chief of the Barotse.

Driving through mopani forest near Feira.

On the Great East Road - Luangwa Escarpment

The Storyteller - in a village of the Ba-Ila, Namwala District

Bushman village near Sesheke

Cracking ngongu nuts - Bushman family group

Inside an Ila hut

Margaret - an African radio announcer

Mixed herd of eland and zebra from the air

Giraffe in profile

Portrait of a lechwe

Young leopard, Fort Jameson District

Mindolo Shaft - Nkana Copper Mine

Preparing to blast - undrground at Nkana Mine

One hundred years after Livingstone

Statue of David Livingstone at Victoria Falls

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