Zambia College of Agriculture, Monze

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Monze Information

The adiministration block, Zambia College of Agriculture.

The College cattle were sprayed weekly in the wet season and fortnightly in the dry season. This was mainly to combat ticks. It was a less wasteful technique than dipping.

The machinery shed. Massey Ferguson and John Deere tractors were supplied by overseas aid from the UK and the USA. In the foreground are graders for maintaining the college roads. There was a workshop with a pit at the far end of the shed.

On the left is the maize crib with shelled maize on its right. The maize was ground for cattle feed. On the right is baled hay. The poultry unit is behind.

We were the last occupants of this old house on the College estate. The roof was corrugated iron with thatch on the curved bits. Within months of moving out it had a six foot high ant hill inside!



The flamboyant had distinctive long, brown pods after its bright red flowering.

Our new house was of the 3T design and is shown here before the garden had been planted. The roof was asbestos which kept the house reasonably cool.

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