Mazabuka Area / Nakambala

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Bob Eglinton has a wonderful collection of Mazabuka area pictures - Click here to go to his section.

Horizon article - Central Research Station at Mazabuka - Beef for Zambia.

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Mazabuka Information

Munali Pass between Kafue and Mazbuka. It was from the hill above the monument that Livingstone first saw the Kafue River.

Horizon article about the Nakambala Sugar Estate.

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Sugar cane at Nakambala. Students from the Zambia College of Agriculture are being shown the siphoning of water from the irrigation channels. The yellow bus came by courtesy of American aid.

A demonstration of cane cutting on an open day.

Nakambala, sugar refinery. The refinery beside the lagoon was built to store the water necessary for the refining process.

A Cessna Agwagon demonstrating crop spraying using water, probably. It occured to me later that this was not a particularly sensible place to stand.

Mechanical cotton harvester.This John Deere machine seemed incredibly modern in 1968!

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