The Lumpa Uprising

Newspaper Reports

Monday 27th July to Monday 10th August 1964

These newspaper cuttings are from a scrapbook sent by Craig Ing, son of the late NRP member Chris Ing.

Chris Ing was born in Ashford, Middlesex.  He became a chorister at Eton and then went on to Strode Grammar School in Egham.  He was awarded a university place but, having listened to many tales by his cousin, who was serving in the police force in Kenya, he decided to apply for a position with the NR Police in Zambia.  He was successful and took up a position in 1960 at Lilayi and taught English to the recruits but likewise had to learn Nyanja!

Although Chris was on alert, with all leave cancelled, he never saw active duty during the Lumpa uprising.  Thankfully it was all brought under control just before he was to be sent north.  Whilst at Lilayi he found himself with time to spare and became interested in broadcasting.  He presented many radio programmes, news bulletins and with the introduction of television into Lusaka, progressed into reading the news and presenting a few programmes.  It was becoming obvious that there was little hope for further promotion in the police owing to a Zambianisation programme.

Donald Lightfoot, the Director General of Zambia Broadcasting, was  setting up his own advertising and public relations company and he asked Chris to join him beginning a long association.  It was during that time he met Lesley Sampson - they married in 1968.  Their first child, Craig, was born in 1973.

When Chris left Lightfoot Advertising he joined Low and Bonar and after a few years transferred to their Dundee based head office.  He took responsibility for their world-wide public relations/advertising.  Whilst in Dundee he and Lesley had their second child, Debbie, born in 1976.  They all moved to Maidenhead in 1982 where Chris lived until his death in 1999.