Luapula Province

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The valley of the blind children - Horizon article about blindness in the Luapula Valley.

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Short Horizon article on Fort Roseberry.

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Newsletter about the opening of Fort Roseberry Club

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Thanks to Roy Williams for this one. and also the next item

WEAF Sheet - a humorous publication sold in aid of the new Fort Roseberry Club. Could be renamed "Much Binding in the Bush" by those of a certain generation!

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Horizon Article on Kashikishi Mission Hospital

Chembe Ferry was at the north end of the road through the Congo Pedicle and crossed the Luapula River. The exact landing spot moved up and down the slope depending on the height of the river. There is now road passing round the pedicle but the route must be considerably longer.

Mwenda Hill marked the halfway point between Kawambwa and Fort Roseberry which were 120 miles apart.

Agricultural assistant Baird Kunsanama is standing in front of a maize crop on a peasant farm. A peasant farm had ten acres of rotation ground with five acres for local crops with access to communal grazing for cattle.

This boat travelled on the flood plain between Chama and Mushota villages

Chief Chama's councillors are on his right with a Kapasu and Agricultural Assistant on his left. A Kapasu was a messenger with police powers responsible to the chief.

Lake Mweru. This Congolese vessel bought fish from fishermen, drying it as they went along. The equivalent of the Klondykers of today! The smell was impressive.

Chiengi Boma at the north end of Lake Mweru dated from the early part of the century. It was occupied at one time by a District Officer. The extreme heat and isolation led to more than one suicide. It was no longer in use by the time father slept in it although it was home to many bats.

Ntumbachushi Falls is a small series of falls of which this is the uppermost. The series of pools formed by the upstanding rock were ideal for swimming.

Ferry on the way to Lumangwe Falls

The single fall at Lumangwe is impressive.

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