Kasama Area Pictures

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Looking towards the Roman Catholic Cathedral which was run by the White Fathers. The picture was taken from the agricultural offices.

This was one of the oldest houses in Kasama - probably dating from the early part of the century. It had obviously been added to over the years. The lounge was in the centre of the house and consequently dark but cool.

The Chishimba falls are near Kasama There is a hydro-electric station which I understand still supplies Kasama.

The lake after the top Fall of the Chisimba Falls.

Cricket at Kasama .The wicket was usually a coconut fibre mat.

A wet season occurence.

Transporting Ivory and meat in the Mpika area. The Chief was allowed a share of animals officially killed. In the case of an elephant this included one tusk. The parcels contained the meat

The Chambeshi Memorial. The German General Von Lettow Vorbeck surrendered here, at the extreme of his advance, some time after the official end of the First World War. His army had been a thorn in the side of the British forces all through the war.

1964 Horizon Article on memorial.


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