Jack McQuinn's Photographs

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You can admire Jack's legs in the article about the Government Printers in the Miscellaneous section!

Bowls 1

In the large group the one on the far right is Chester Dean who was a farmer at Ngwerrere and deserves investigation. He and his wife were wonderful people and I believe but am not sure that he was given the Order of Zambia. The third from right holding a hat is Harold Lee who was at Government Printers. The rest unfortunately I cannot name. I am sure that there are members from Lusaka Club, Central Sports and Ngwerrere Club in this picture and although I played against them and knew their names at the time alas memory or the lack of has defeated me.

Bowls 2

The second picture back row far left Meredith (last name Forgotten) Next to him Cyril Harvey and extreme right Glen Ellis. Front row second from left is Jack McQuinn (in all his glory) and next to him Chester Dean again.


As for the swimmers picture. I was the trainer for the Olympians Swimming Club and these were some of the members. My daughter is third from the right front row. Here I would like to say how well behaved all the members were and what a pleasure it was to be associated with them all. My son Gavin swam for NR and was Federal Champion for the 1650 yards 440yards and 220 yards He also represented the Federation at Curry Cup in Durban. Alas Gavin died of cancer a couple of years ago. From this you might have gathered that my time in Northern Rhodesia was the happiest time of my life.

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