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Horizon Articles

International School

May 1966 - Horizon Article.

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Education Trust

A trust set up by RST and Anglo American.

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Rescuing Society's Misfits

The Probation Service

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George Monkley - Headteacher at Mufulira Primary School

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Wilma Henry (now Wall ) wrote:

"It was great to see the photos of my old teachers andhead-master. Sean Cousins ended up becoming a very dear friend, unfortunately we lost contact when he moved back to Ireland with his family. He used to give me private lessons after school (boy was he a hard task master.) Mr. Monkley, was a wonderful man, I can remember on my last year at Muf Primary, I helped out with the sports day and I received a letter (which I still have ) thanking me for all my help. It is quite funny really as it was addressed to Miss W. Henry, and he crossed it out and put Wilma!"

Eddie Pfeffer wrote:

When Mr Monkley became headmaster of Muf Primary in 1960 - it was also my first year there in Standard 1. I had the pleasure of being the very first pupil to be caned by him in both his and my first week there! Even though I was only 7, I vividly recall that he appeared to be more nervous about the caning than I was. The wee lassie on page 4 with Mr Monkley is Carol Bryant (what a looker she was!!)

Steve Keeley wrote on the GNR Message Board:

.... Carol Bryant was in my class, and I couldn't really remember what Mr. Monkley looked like after 40 years, but once you see the picture it all comes back. Actually I think I am in the picture at the bottom of page 1 (back to camera...short back and sides with big ears!). Sean Cousins (pg 2) taught Carol Bryant and me in Std 5 in 1965.

Munali School

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