Mongu club in about 1954.

I only know two of the patrons, my father Frank Nelson and Hilda Gray. My father is in white shirt sleeves and Hilda is seated on the right, looking at the camera.

This is the old Mongu club that was located between the Boma and the Resident Commisioner's office. It has about 3 tennis courts next to it and a small, also thatched, library. At one stage my mother, Peggy ran the library. This old club burned down, probably at the end of the 50s. It was thatched, no ceiling, and was always cool.

The record collection include some wonderful Bing Crosbys, Frank Sinatras, Mantovanis, and My Fair Lady. I believe Scottish country dancing was held on Thursday nights and at some stage my mother taught it. I wonder who taught her? Father Crispin, a Capuchin from a nearby mission, was a regular dancer. Of course the children called him Father Christmas.

As a child I was usually bought a Mazoe orange juice. I think it cost 3c. Sometimes someone would buy me a Coca Cola. They were much more expensive and a big treat. We liked to climb on the roof and drink our cool drinks. There were some grown ups who yelled at us to get down and part of the fun was hiding from them.