Aviation in Northern Rhodesia

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The Entebbe Sign

Aloft in a silent world.

Horizon article about gliding

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Northern Rhodesia Flying Club House at Mufulira

Postcard sent by Richard Proctor

Hercules May Join the RST Staff

Thanks to Brian Barratt for this scan.

Horizon article

She Walks on Air

The working life of a BOAC stewardess, Mary Patterson, who had previously worked for RST

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Copper in the Air

The place of copper in aviation in the 60s article

Bus Stop Jet

Article about the BAC 1-11 of which two were bought by Zambia Airways.

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Solo Flight from the USA

Short article about the purchase and delivery of a new plane for RST Technical Services.


A New Era of Transport for Africa

Fairly general article on the development of aviation in developing countries.

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The History of Central African Airways 1946 -1961

CAA History

Zambian Air Cargoes Air Bridge to Dar es Salaam

Copper to Dar and petrol back to beat UDI.

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The Hercules Air Bridge

Horizon Spread

Maintenance at Midnight

Horizon Spread

Zambian Air Cargoes Hercules

Horizon Picture

The Building of Lusaka International Airport

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Beavers Over Barotseland


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Aviation History


Some of these pages are dark and were difficult to scan.

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BUA clipping (Abercornucopia)

British United Airlines Bristol Brittania at the old Entebbe Airport.

Hunting Clan Vickers Viscount at Ndola. John Stonehouse, the British MP who was later to disappear, was evicted from the territory on this aircraft for saying the wrong things!

Dakota at Abercorn.

International Red Locust plane in foreground. Dakota taking off behind.

CAA De Havilland Beaver at Mongu.

Hunting Clan Dakota at Mongu.

Government Piper Apache (I think) at Mongu.

Mongu airport buildings. This gathering at Mongu Airport was seeing us off on leave to Scotland via Livingston and Cape Town.

Lusaka International booking hall.

BOAC Vickers VC10 at Lusaka International.

I was in the first ever VC10 to land at the new airport which was long enough to take any aircraft in the world at the time.

The cars were lined up in connection with an official visit.

RRAF Percival Pembroke at Kawambwa. During the troubles in what was then the Congo, children from the Luapula Province were flown in for their holidays from Ndola because of the difficulty of crossing the Congo Pedicle which jutted into the country.

I spilled out of this RRAF Pembroke with a number of other children to face a military guard of honour. The Brigadier, who we had got a ride with, eventually found his way out to take the salute!

Note the stick at the back to prevent the aircraft from tilting! Really!

We flew back from Fort Roseberry on an RRAF Dakota, landing at Ndola the day after the plane carrying Dag Hammarsjold, the UN Secretary General, came down in the bush.

Lord Dalhousie, Governor General of the Central African Federation visited Kawambwa in 1960. He is second from the left near David Glendenning with Dennis Frost wearing the hat. The pilot is nearest the helicopter.

Dalhousie leaving Kawambwa.

Cessna Agwagon demonstrating crop spraying at Nakambala, near Mazabuka.


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