Lake Chila

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Abercorn Yacht Club and harbour. The clubhouse was an impressive affair with changing, storage and work areas on the ground floor and a bar with balcony on the top.

The Yacht Club had a small number of Graduates and a GP14 as well as other craft belonging to individuals.

Sunday lunch was normally taken at the club with people taking it in turns to prepare it.

By the number of people present this is likely to have been a Sunday.

A Graduate dinghy in not a lot of wind!

I am in Gavin Barr's boat which he was kind enough to allow me to use.

Recently I discovered from the Wanderer class magazine that, thirty years on, we both own Wanderers!

NC1 was Nobby Clark's Graduate with the deck lowered by about half! It was then something of a novelty that the remainder was filled with expanded foam.

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